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Beautiful Natural Soaps


Beautiful Natural Soaps

Puro is the best place to buy natural handmade soaps with healthy ingredients that are good for your skin and smell sensational

Our Range

Our range includes natural soaps, cupcake soaps, wedding soaps and soapcakes all using the best local ingredients of the area, such as Olive Oil, Goats Milk, & Beeswax. These soaps are inspired by Portugal’s natural beauty, its flora and fauna, its landscape, its food and its culture, indulging all your senses.

All our natural soaps are handmade using the traditional cold process method in small batches.

We use this method to ensure that all the great qualities of our wonderful ingredients are retained making our soap bars superior to shop bought varieties.  And they're gentler to use.

You will really feel the difference the first time you use one of our homemade soaps.  The luxurious, fluffy lather and moisturising oils will leave you feeling clean, soft and totally pampered................  They smell great too!

Please click on any of the images below to see examples of our products.

Natural Fun

Our range of Natural Soaps use the best local ingredients of the Serra da Estrella region of Portugal, including Olive Oil, Goats Milk, & Beeswax. These soaps are inspired by Portugal’s natural beauty- its flora and fauna- it’s landscape, its food and it’s culture, indulging all your senses. These soaps are available for you in either loaf or bar form, you can make them even more special by choosing your own colour, style and fragrance, we can also create a stamp for you to make each bar totally unique to your venue.

Puro Signature

Our amazing olive oil rich soaps form our very special signature range of Puro Soaps and interpret all that is wonderful about Portugal and its fabulous soap making ingredients.  Each of the three soaps are packed full of the same rich, creamy and moisturising ingredients but each one reflects its own very individual inspiration which results in three of the best and uniquely special soaps you will ever have tried.

Cupcakes & Soapcakes

Everyone loves cupcakes and spectacular iced cakes, ours are undoubtedly in a class above any other soaps you will have tried. Superb, fantastic soaps in fabulous colours, with sculptured icings and pretty embellishments then, when you get closer and realise that they are made of soap and 100% calorie free, well......... can it get any better?

All our cake styles are made using the same carefully selected ingredients and goats milk for that extra creamy ingredient.  They are truly different and very, very special.

They really are spectacular, a fantastic way to celebrate any special occasion or just to give as a unique gift.

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About Us


About Us

Shelley Barnes


Shelley has been making soap for a long time using the lovely natural ingredients found in Portugal. She is also a plants woman and garden designer and grows many soap making ingredients herself at her beautiful farm in the foot hills of the Serra da Estrella mountains, central Portugal.

Ishbel Ramsay


Ishbel is an experienced soap maker and artist, she is also creates websites and product branding.  She currently lives and works in the lush rolling hills of East Devon.  In June she and her partner plan to up sticks and take their dogs and cat to live permanently at their Portuguese farm in the next valley over from Shelley!

Leve para casa um pedacinho de Portugal!

Sabonetes artesanais portugueses, feitos com os melhores ingredientes naturais.

Nossa selecção  inclui sabonetes naturais com os melhores ingredientes locais da região, incluindo azeite,  leite de cabra e cera de abelha.  
Estes sabonetes são inspirados pela beleza natural de Portugal, sua flora e fauna, paisagem, comida e cultura, enpregando todos os seus sentidos.

Todos os nossos produtos neste site estão disponíveis para venda em Portugal. Para mais informações ou para comprar nossos sabonetes, por favor envie-nos um e-mail

Se você está interessado em vender nossos sabonetes, por favor preencha os seus dados na nossa página de atacado/wholesale.


Puro Soaps has been operating for five years now, we offer the following:

  • Beautiful hand made natural soaps, soap cupcakes and soap cakes as well as bath products
  • Learn to make soap courses for beginners and more advanced makers
  • Wedding gifts and favors
  • Wholesale, stocking shops, guest houses and hotels, spas, therapists, on-line businesses in the UK, Europe and further afield
  • A bespoke design your own soap service

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Contact Us


UK - 07534 194250

Portugal - 00351 914061939

email: info@purosoaps.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Purosoaps

Twitter: @purosoapclub

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Media Inquiries

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"Beautiful, natural, handmade soaps made in both Portugal and UK, using the best ingredients, no harmful chemicals, goats milk, olive oil and lots of love"